Wedding Photobooks

Here at Ross Andrew Photography, we believe there’s no better way to preserve memories of a wedding, than through glorious print!

Working with Vanilla Photobook‘s unique software, we take our edited photographs and use them to design and craft your one of a kind Wedding Album
-just the way you like it.

There are no limits to the number of photos we can fit onto a page, or how the page should look. This is why we send ‘Design Proofs’ (PDF) to ensure that you are happy with the placement and overall look of the book, before we send it off to Vanilla Photobooks for print!
This is how we maintain a 100% customer satisfaction rate.

Below you will find the Wedding Album that is included with our Premium Wedding Photography Package (A4 Landscape VIP Photographic Photobook).
Parent albums are available (Duplicate copies of main album) for £66.94 per book.

Differentiating Parent Albums (8” Square VIP Photographic Photobook) can be designed for an additional £153.94 per unique book.

A4 Landscape VIP Photographic Photobook

(Main Wedding Photobook)

– Seamless, Lay-flat Album
– 24 pages included*
– Faux Leather Cover**
– Black Wedding Box, to encase book
– Hand Delivered via Courier

*Additional Page (slide) = £2.60/page – Pages must be ordered in multiples of two
**Free Faux Leather Cover Included, Laser Etching of names cover = Additional £10.00

Duplicate Parent Album (BOOK ONLY, no box or pouch) = £66.94

8” Square VIP Photographic Photobook

(Unique Parent Photobook)

Seamless, Lay-flat Album
24 pages included*
Black Linen Presentation Pouch
Hand Delivered via Courier

*Additional Page (slide) = £2.05/page

Please Note: Parent Books do NOT include Black Book Boxes, instead will be displayed in a Black Linen Presentation Pouch.

*These are display album images from Vanilla Photobooks and do not display the work of Ross Andrew Photography

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