So over the past few months as most of you may know, I have been living in Gran Canaria while working with Thomas Cook. Ever since a young age I’ve always wanted to work abroad, and I’ll never forget the face of our Representative in Cuba that inspired me to pursue a job in the travel industry. One of the biggest things I’ll take away from the job role is definitely the public speaking, and customer service skills, you quickly develop when you go ‘live’. I thoroughly enjoyed my season, even though of course there was a mix of highs and lows- I met some incredible people who I’ll always keep in touch with.

On my travels something became very apparent to me; the season put a lot of things in perspective. Where I live in Telford, it’s a small town, it feels as if nothing really changes- and this is something that pushed me towards travelling. But while abroad I realised it’s not where you’re located in life, but who you’re with. Even though I’ve only been on this earth for a short 21 years, I actually felt quite emotional to think that time moves so quickly.. and I really haven’t tried to make a life that I’m proud of. I want to look back on my life and say “I’ve done that”, with no regrets. Photography has always been an undertone of my life- and until now it has almost sat on the back burner as a ‘back up plan’, when in reality- doesn’t it make more sense to do something you love as a career rather than a hobby? How I see it, somewhere in the world someone is doing what you love- and they’re making a living from it.According to new research by the London School of Business & Finance almost

60% of British Adults are unhappy in their workplace 

.. isn’t that crazy! If you’re not happy doing something why are you doing it?! We should be living to work, not working to live. Find something you’re passionate about and turn it into a business: your service is genuine, meaningful and most of all- enjoyable!

Since returning back to the UK I have been doing nothing but working on my website and planning where I want my business to go. And though it has been a lot of work, and I have to say I haven’t managed everything on my own (shoutout to my amazing Team I have behind me), it doesn’t feel like work because I’m genuinely interested and passionate about the results. I’m excited for future bookings, and even more excited to meet more incredible people along the way. As corny as it sounds life is literally what you make of it, the world is our oyster. I actually have a blackboard wall in my room- and above my door I have written “Our lives are what our thoughts create”.

Stay true to yourself, and do what makes you happy,

Speak soon,



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