One of the main questions I get ask from amateur photographers is “What should I photograph?”, and in all honesty, Photography is completely subjective as a creative industry. I’ve seen photos of blank surfaces, and they’re described as artistic. It’s all about finding something you enjoy photographing, and fulfils your purpose; whether that’s a creative expression, financial, or just to look nice.

One of the main reasons I didn’t want to go into niche photography, was to keep variety in my work. Something I always used to enjoy doing when starting out was ‘Photography Challenges’ where you will take a different image every day. Not only is this encouraging you to grab your camera and do some shooting, but it also gives you different challenges along the way. Now I have seen plenty of these lists, however I thought I’d give you 30 challenges to try daily. Take a look!

You can also use the hashtag #RAPhotoChallenge to share your work with the rest of us! Good luck, and have fun!

Day 1: Self Portrait

Day 2: Rule of Thirds

Day 3: Black & White

Day 4: Texture

Day 5: High Angle

Day 6: Low Angle

Day 7: Silhouette

Day 8: Sunset

Day 9: Bokeh

Day 10: Lens Flare

Day 11: Landscape

Day 12: Portrait

Day 13: Smoke

Day 14: Light Painting

Day 15: Water Drops

Day 16: Balanced

Day 17: Unbalanced

Day 18: Frame within a Frame

Day 19: Panorama

Day 20: Depth

Day 21: Water Splash

Day 22: Pattern

Day 23: Panning

Day 24: Food

Day 25: Shallow Depth of Field

Day 26: Sound

Day 27: Street Photography

Day 28: Architecture

Day 29: Night

Day 30: Reflection

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