My name is Ross Andrew Powell, I’m a Freelance Photographer, Videographer and Digital Content Creator based in Shropshire. I have a passion for people and storytelling; and I’ve always been fascinated about learning about other people’s lives and cultures. Naturally I looked to the best way to captivate and document my memories, which lead me to photography and videography. I have over 7 years of experience, and I have had the pleasure of sharing my skills and services with a wide range of people both nationally, and internationally. I have been fortunate enough to photograph some incredible weddings, projects, events, individuals; and I’m always looking to step out of my comfort zone and try new things.

Ever since a young age I have always had a passion for people; and I’ve always been fascinated about learning other people’s lifestyles and cultures. After studying at Staffordshire University, I decided to pursue a career in the travel industry; working abroad as a Destination Representative for one of the worlds largest tour operators of that time. Living and working in Gran Canaria for a large company gave me the the space and time, to think about what I really wanted to do with my life: and how I could incorporate my passions and hobbies into the business world. I have always practiced Photography along-side my previous occupations. Since studying Photography at A-Level, and following praise by others on the quality of my work- I started to undertake small photography jobs for family and friends but never really thought of it as a career option. I started looking for advice and help for start up business, and I found The Princes Trust. After working with each other for a few months, refining my business plan and marketing strategies, I given funding to help kick-start my business and to get the initial ball rolling. With digital marketing and social media booming there has never been such a high demand for professional, high quality photos and since then I have devoted all of my time into my business.

Nowadays, not only do I complete Photography and Videography related work, for both my clients and business’, but I have also branched out and applied my skills and expertise into other business ventures such as Elizabeth Leonard, a family business that my sisters and I started during lockdown. An e-commerce home decor business; specialising in artificial plants and home accents. I’ve also started documenting and sharing my experiences on my YouTube channel, and there are some exciting things in the pipeline! I’m one of the few people who are genuinely in love with what they do, and I hope to continue my work for many years to come.

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