My name is Ross Andrew Powell, I’m a Freelance Photographer based in Telford, Shropshire. Ever since a young age I have always had a passion for people; and I’ve always been fascinated about learning other people’s lifestyles and cultures. After studying at Staffordshire University, I decided to pursue a career in the travel industry; working abroad as a Destination Representative. Living and working in Gran Canaria for a large travel company gave me the the space and time, to think about what I really wanted to do with my life: and how I could incorporate my passions and hobbies into the business world. I have always practiced Photography along-side my previous occupations. Since studying Photography at A-Level, and following praise by others on the quality of my work- I started to undertake small photography jobs for family and friends but never really thought of it as a career option. With my thoughts rapidly growing, I started to look at already established photographers with envy, doing what they love and expressing themselves creatively: and I wondered why I wasn’t doing the same thing, with my own complete creative freedom. I started looking for advice and help for start up business, and I found The Princes Trust. After working with each other for a few months, refining my business plan and marketing strategies, I given funding to help kick-start my business and to get the initial ball rolling. With digital marketing and social media booming there has never been such a high demand for professional, high quality photos and since then I have devoted all of my time into my business. I’m one of the few people who are genuinely in love with what they do, and I hope to continue my work for many years to come.

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